Introduction to Aikido Course

Introduction to Aikido course is a great way to learn first-hand about the martial art of Aikido. The course is suitable for anyone 15 years or older and does not require any prior experience in martial arts.

introductory course coverThe course is not a pre-requisite for any of the general Aikido classes. If you’ve missed the intro course you can still come along at any stage and give it a go. The introductory course usually runs twice a year.

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What:    Introduction to Aikido
When:   1, 8, 15 & 22 June 2016
Time:     6-7pm
Cost:     $20 (payable at the first class)
Gear:    Comfortable exercise clothes

Course Description

You will learn about Aikido through a set of physical exercises designed to demonstrate some of the main principles of Aikido—irimi (entering to meet the opponent), tenkan (body turning to blend and redirect the opponent’s energy) and kuzushi (unbalancing an opponent to prevent further attacks).

You will also go through a set of standard Aikido drills designed to help you learn how to move in a more efficient manner, how to fall safely and how to interact with your training partner.

There will be a mix of individual and paired exercises with ample opportunity for you to explore each exercise and the ideas behind it. The course instructor will explain all exercises. Senior Aikido practitioners will be available to help you and to ensure that you perform the exercises correctly and in good form.

All classes will be conducted in the spirit and following the etiquette of the Japanese martial arts.

Each class will be followed up with a short summary delivered by email. The summary will contain key words and ideas from the class allowing you to further investigate these concepts in your own time.