Martial Arts Links

This page contains a compilation of links to interesting martial arts articles, images and videos. Come back every now and then to check out new content.


Rare footage of Ō Sensei:

Koichi Tohei Sensei. Some say the only one who really got Aikido (other than Ō Sensei of course):


Mifune Sensei – A true master of his art. Practiced for 54 years every day. Watch carefully and you might notice many similarities between Judo and Aikido, not something that you will see much of nowadays.

Kodokan,  the headquarters of the worldwide judo community, has a long tradition of modernising Judo. But it is the old judo that is of particular interest to the Aikido practitioner. Study these techniques which look remarkably similar to what we practice now in Aikido.

Go Tsunoda is as graceful Judoka as they come. Watch how fluid is his movement and how he gets his opponent off balance before executing the technique